Auditorium – Fire Fire Ocean Liner

Music video for indie rock artist Auditorium. Premiered at the Hammer Museum May 25, as part of the Flux Screening Series. Thanks so much to Jonathan and Meg Wells.

Daughter: Rebecca Noble
Father: Todd Waring
Mother: Eve Gordon
Doctor: Brendan O’Malley
Nurse: Mona Lawrence
Orderly: Andrew Clarke
Boy: Maceo Lopes
Woodsman: Christopher Myles

Produced by Mike Grossman / Georg Kallert, Lodger Films
Directed and Edited by Ben Barnes
Cinematography by Mathew Rudenberg
Make-Up by Mažena Pukšto
Set Dressing by Caitlyn Shanahan
Practical Effects by Legacy Effects: Akihito Ikeda, Damien Fisher, Jaime Siska, Seth Hays, David Monzingo
Compositing by William Hyler