Legacy Effects Comic Con Commercial

Faux corporate video that premiered at the 2016 Legacy Effects Comic Con Panel
Cast: Gabriel Tigerman, Elin Adler, Pete Clarke, Carolyn Finken, Jesse Gee, Vance Hartwell, Seth Hays, Darnell Isom, Carla Monzingo, Dave Monzingo, Lon Muckey, Steven Munson, Rob Ramsdell, Alan Scott, and Won-il Song.

A Lodger Films Production
Written and directed by Ben Barnes
Production Manager: Spencer Jezewski
Cinematography: Mathew Rudenberg
Assistant Camera: John Reyes
Production Designer: Brian Mayfield
Grip & Electric: Dylan Catherina
Hair and Make Up: Natalie Rose
Sound: Ben Anderson
Sound Mix: Bobb Barito
Color: Eric Schrecongost
Visual Effects: William Hyler
Practical Effects and Props: Legacy Effects
Thank You: Engineered Magnetics, Inc.